It's Time to Explode Your Income With an Online Business!

If you really want to understand the step-by-step, systematic processes behind any successful online business, THIS IS FOR YOU.

Online Business Academy

  • Why: 

    Because Middle-Class Americans need more income!

    According to study after study, and our own market research, Middle-Class Americans are doomed to never be able to completely least not at anything approaching their working lifestyle. They are buried in debt, including student loans, and they're taking on more debt to raise a family and put their kids through school.  


    Meanwhile, their incomes haven't even kept up with inflation.


    They need more money, and not just a few dollars a month. They need $500 to $1,000 a month or more above their current incomes, on average, to give them any chance of getting ahead and actually saving up to retire some day.


    Asking their boss for a $500-$1,000 a month raise is unlikely to end well. Pulling a ski mask and knocking over banks has serious downside consequences. A business of their own is the only practical solution.

  • What: 

    The most complete online business startup and growth training.

    You've seen them...the ads for "Make Millions with Facebook Ads!" "Become a YouTube Millionaire!" "2-Page Funnel Will Make You Rich!" "Blog Your Way to Wealth!"


    The truth is that, by themselves, Facebook ads are NOT a business. YouTube videos and ads are NOT a business. Two funnel pages are NOT a business. A blog is NOT a business.


    Many of these courses teach useful and even powerful tactics for marketing an online business, but by themselves they are NOT a business. These folks teach the tip of the iceberg that is visible above the water line.


    However, to build a cash-machine online business that can last the rest of your life, you need to understand the online business infrastructure below the water line.


    We teach above and below the water line. We teach everything you need to know to have the best chance for success. 


    Most of the marketing-only courses and coaches leave you to figure out the business systems yourself, or they suggest software or services...and then leave you to figure out how they work...and more mysteriously, how they connect and work together.


    We'll teach and coach you to success with ALL of it. And we'll introduce you to a remarkable online software that will do ALL the steps, seamlessly and elegantly, all under ONE hood, so you won't have to endure the stress of trying to duct tape single-function systems together.

  • Who: 

    Are your instructors?

    John Cummuta

    • 3-time Inc 500 CEO

    • More than $600,000,000 in worldwide product/service sales

    • Best-selling personal finance and small business author

    • Worldwide seminar leader - including 13 Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery events

    Anthony (Tony) Manganiello

    • 3-time Inc 500 Marketing Manager

    • Multi-million-dollar business builder/owner

    • Best-selling personal finance author

    • Online software developer

Is there much potential with an online business?

Online sales growth has been outpacing overall sales growth for some time. Since you're already likely on the spending side of this online revenue tsunami, doesn't it make sense to participate in the earning side?

Here's What You'll Get!

Following our SMART Course Framework, the Online Business Academy is structured into modules, and each module is divided into topic-specific video lessons with handouts, so you can study at your own pace.

Module 1

Start with an online business plan

1.1 Welcome and  introduction

1.2 What product or service should I sell?

1.3 Design your online business plan

1.4 Choose the right business structure

1.5 The Laws of Business Success

Module 2

Marketing is #1

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Marketing is #1

2.3 Online marketing funnel

2.4 Email marketing

2.5 Content marketing

2.6 Webinar marketing

2.7 Building your brand

Module 3

Advertising online

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Advertising on Facebook

3.3 Advertising on Google

3.5 Advertising on YouTube

Module 4

Referral marketing

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Affiliate marketing

4.3 Joint Ventures

Module 5

Transacting with prospects and customers

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Landing Pages

  • Opt-ins
  • Sales Pages
  • Order Forms
  • Thank You Pages

5.3 Autoresponders

5.4 Shopping carts

5.5 Credit card processing

5.6 Fulfillment

5.7 FTC considerations

  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Business contact information
  • Product claims
  • Testimonial regulations

Bonus Module 6

Evaluating Key Performance Indicators

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Marketing KPIs

  • CPC (Click)
  • CPL (Lead)
  • CPS (Sale)
  • LTV (Customer Lifetime Value
  • Social media followers

6.3 Financial KPIs

  • Income & Expense
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Owner income
  • Profit

Yanik Silver in Entrepreneur Magazine:


"If you have an internet connection, you can get started on the road to having the internet pay for your mortgage, car payment, kids' college tuition, or even that special vacation you've wanted. 

"Experience has taught me that it's different strokes for different folks, and there is no "one size fits all" perfect business. You're much more likely to be successful if you do something you find fun and interesting.

"With that in mind, here are five of the best ways to make extra cash moonlighting on the internet..."


All 5 are taught in our Online Business Academy!

About Your Instructors

"We do this stuff.


"We run our successful personal finance education and services business 100% online."

Tony and John

No Worries... We have you covered!

We will do everything we can to help you succeed in starting and growing  your online business.

Monthly live Online Classroom Coaching/
Q&A webinars

We're your instructors and coaches. We're walking this journey WITH you.

Downloadable workbooks, checklists, and other resources

You'll have the important tools for success available to you 24/7/365.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't find this course to be everything we say it is, just send us an email and we'll refund your money. If you pay monthly, you can cancel at any time.

What others say...

Susan Baxter

Principal  & Founder

"immediate, action oriented take aways"

"I welcome any opportunity to be a student under John Cummuta's teachings.


"His wit, candor and relevant life and career experience keep me engaged (and taking a lot of notes!) from start to finish. He presents his lessons with practical applications that provide immediate, action oriented "take aways" for improvement.


"John has a way of shedding new light, new pearls of wisdom, based on current market conditions that impact the business climate."

Tom Johnson

Chief Engineer

"My wife and I are starting our first business this year"

"As a business leader with over 30 years of intrapreneurial pursuits, I found John’s classes to be both fascinating and extremely helpful.  


"My wife and I have been considering starting our own business.  Through John’s classes, we learned everything from small business structure to business plan creation to marketing to small business finances. 


"As a direct result of our time in John’s classes, my wife and I are starting our first business this year and planning our second startup for next year."

Tim Baye

UW Business Professor

"He has the ability to synthesize complex concepts and issues..."

"Tony is a dedicated, passionate and intelligent professional. He has the ability to both synthesize complex concepts and issues into an identifiable opportunity and execute a plan to benefit from this understanding.


Tony also demonstrates the highest degree of ethics, in an industry (debt management) where such values are often wanting."

Is this Course Right for You?


  • Someone who wants to have control of an independent income stream they can count on.

  • Someone for whom "WORK" is not a bad 4-letter word.

  • Someone who's excited about serving the wants and needs of people in the marketplace.

  • Someone who's excited to be a member of that rare breed we call Entrepreneurs.


  • Someone who's uncomfortable with becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant.

  • Someone who likes to fantasize about having a business, but won't stay the course.

  • Someone who believes the ridiculous claims from course purveyors who imply business success can be instant and without work.

  • Someone who's not willing to invest in themselves, in their knowledge and skills.


    If you're not completely satisfied with your Online Business Academy course, just send us an email within 30 days of your purchase, requesting a refund, and we'll process it immediately. You won't even have to talk to us. No haggling. No questions. You decide!


    The value of these bonuses is at least 10x the price of the entire course!

    Bonus: Module 6 - Evaluating Key Performance Indicators

    Trying to run a business without a clear understanding and continual monitoring of your marketing and financial performance indicators would be like trying to fly an airplane without looking at the instruments. #CRASHANDBURN 

    Bonus: Monthly, live Online Classroom Coaching/Q&A webinars

    These live and lively coaching webinars are worth $2,000 a month! That's the minimum real-world price it would cost you to have live access to two 3-time Inc 500 winning business builders.

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    Why are we making this incredible offer? Because our mission - for 3 decades - has been to help regular working people end up with more money...more financial/emotional security.


    In other words, it blesses us to help relieve people of their biggest stresses and burdens, so they can enjoy life now, and for ALL the rest of their life.


    What if I can't make a lesson webinar?

    Is there a certain deadline to complete the course?

    Does this course teach a specific business?

    No. This course teaches the necessary information to do any online business, or to take any offline business online.

    In Module 1 we have a lesson to help you decide which kind of business would best fit you. If you already have a business idea, this course will help you bring it to life online.

    What if I can't make a live Q&A webinar?

    What if I have a question in between the monthly Q&A webinars?

    Is this course just for "online" businesses?

    While the business principles taught in the course will work for any online or offline business, starting online is the least-expensive, lowest-risk way to start. And any offline, brick-and-mortar business that isn't marketing online today is doomed. Online is no longer optional.

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    per month for as long as you want access - cancel at any time




    ONE TIME - for lifetime access

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