The Private Family Bank

The Perfect Cash Growth-Liquidity-Protection Plan For Your Practice 

SEVEN Reasons Why You Need A Private Family Bank

  1. Guaranteed Growth: Rates are guaranteed and include additional gains from dividend.
  2. Tax-Free Growth: No need to claim annual growth on your taxes.
  3. Tax-Free Access: Access your plan at any time, for any reason, tax-free.
  4. Completely Liquid: Your funds are available at any age without penalty.
  5. No Contribution Limitations: Contribute as much as you want — no government imposed limits.
  6. Employee Involvement NOT Required: Create your plan with, or without, contributing for your employees. 
  7. Avoid Excessive Fees: Private Family Banks have no maintenance or marketing fees, like many IRS qualified plans which assess 2 to 4 percent annual fees that can significantly reduce your overall  performance.

Watch this 29-minute video and discover how The Private Family Bank can help you.

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In this 113-page e-book, you'll discover what the Private Family Bank is, how it works, and how it can help you take the income from your practice and build a financial legacy that can last for many generations. 

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