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The Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth

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  • Video 1: Think Like a Banker

    Bankers think differently from average consumers. Bankers look for ways to grow their wealth. Consumers look for ways to consume their wealth. Learn how to be a wealth builder rather than a wealth consumer.

  • Video 2: Financing Yourself

    Bankers live differently, when it comes to making major purchases. They're not flipping out credit cards and paying 15% interest. They have found ways to finance their own purchases...and pay themselves interest.

  • Video 3: Financing Your Family

    Bankers live differently, when it comes to helping their family members make major purchases. They're not throwing free money at them. They're lending them the money and charging interest...that builds the FAMILY's wealth. 

  • Video 4: Financing Your Business

    Bankers live differently, when it comes to financing their own...or anyone else's...business. Many businesses borrow money to start, and then periodically to finance inventory and equipment. All the interest from this financing goes to others. Bankers do this financing themselves...and make a return on the interest.

  • Video 5: Retire Like a Banker

    Bankers retire differently from average consumers. They have enough saved to STAY retired, rather than having to go back to work full or part-time, because Social Security is NOT enough to live on in retirement.

  • Video 6: Private Family Bank Blueprint

    You can enjoy all these Banker benefits, if you have a Private Family Bank of your own. In this video John explains exactly how we can build one for you. 


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