You Need a Wealth Coach

The most successful athletes, entrepreneurs...and even coaches...have coaches. Why do you think that is?

You get TWO top Wealth Coaches in the

SMART Wealth Online Classroom

$300-$500/hr | INCLUDED in SMART Wealth University $47/mo tuition

  • Why: 

    You should have a Wealth Coach

    Baseball's World Champions have coaches, the Super Bowl Champs have coaches, top golfers on the PGA tour have coaches.


    The CEOs of most of the Fortune 500 business have one or more coaches. Most successful entrepreneurs running their own businesses have coaches.


    If these top performers need coaches to help them achieve their maximum potential, how can you hope to reach your maximum financial potential on your own?


    The proven fact is that you can't. According to multiple studies, more than 90% of Americans are the road to financial failure rather than independence. The biggest reason is that they're followers following followers. Their "coaches" are their similarly-struggling friends, family, and co-workers.


    But it can be different for you. You can leave the failing herd and get coaching to optimize your financial outcomes.


    That's the purpose of the SMART Wealth Online Classroom.

  • What: 

    There is an abundance of great training in the SMART Wealth University​

    But we won't leave you to wade through it on your own. We are your instructors and your coaches.

    • The first Thursday of every month, we'll join you live, in the Online Classroom webinar.
    • We will walk WITH you through your learning.
    • We'll bring additional teaching.
    • We'll answer your questions.

"My wife Lynn and I have been following your plan for 1 year this month. This morning I wrote a check to the credit card company for $613.00. We are now credit card free. 


"In the first 12 months working your plan, we’ve paid off $21,000 dollars (2 credit cards and my truck). 


"One car and our house left to payoff and we have no intention of stopping. Thank you for all that you do." 


Greg W.

You get monthly access to these hour-and-a-half live sessions with both of us!

A long as your monthly tuition is current, you can join us and participate in the class.

  • Wealth coaches and financial advisers routinely charge $300 to $500 an hour or $1,000 per review session.
  • You get unlimited 90-minute sessions with 2 best-selling personal finance authors and teachers, which could easily be valued at $1,000 per Online Classroom.
  • But they're included in your $47 a month tuition. 
  • Plus - you get unlimited access to the archive of all previous Online Classroom videos.

If you're serious, you can't pass this up.

Another way to say this is, if you do pass this up, you're not really serious about creating financial independence. 

  • Come on...two top financial coaches for $47!!!
  • And you can cancel at any time!!!
  • Gut-check time. Are you serious?

No Worries... We have you covered!

We will do everything we can to help you succeed in creating true financial independence.

Monthly live Online Classroom Coaching/
Q&A webinars

We're your instructors and coaches. We're walking this journey WITH you.

Downloadable workbooks, checklists, and other resources

You'll have the important tools for success available to you 24/7/365.

Monthly tuition
cancel anytime

If you don't find the SMARTEST Wealth University to be everything we say it is, just send us an email and we'll stop charging your tuition.

And you will have access to all updated course content as we implement improvements.

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