The Best Systems and Tools to help you enjoy Job-Optional Income

Created and taught by two of America's top personal finance author/educators - John Cummuta and Anthony Manganiello - these courses, coaching opportunities, books, videos, audios, software, and support tools will put you on the most direct pathway to debt-free financial on Job-Optional Income!



SMART Wealth System Course

According to study after study, and our own market research, More than 90% of middle-class Americans are doomed to never be able to completely least not at anything approaching their working lifestyle. They are buried in debt, including student loans, and they're taking on more debt to raise a family and put their kids through school.  


There IS a way to change that outcome.


We've spent nearly 3 decades helping millions of Americans eliminate wealth-crushing debt, and dependably build what we call "Job-Optional Income" for themselves and their loved ones, without stock market risks. If you have no debts, The SMART Wealth System can be of particular advantage to you, because of what we teach about cash accumulation/growth and non-stock-market investing.



Online Business Academy

You've seen them...the ads for "Make Millions with Facebook Ads!" "Become a YouTube Millionaire!" "2-Page Funnel Will Make You Rich!" "Blog Your Way to Wealth!"


The truth is that, by themselves, Facebook ads are NOT a business. YouTube videos and ads are NOT a business. Two funnel pages are NOT a business. A blog is NOT a business. Many of these courses teach useful and even powerful tactics for marketing an online business, but by themselves they are NOT a business. These folks teach the tip of the iceberg that is visible above the water line.


However, to build a cash-machine online business that can last the rest of your life, you need to understand the online business infrastructure below the water line. We teach above and below the water line. We teach everything you need to know to have the best chance for success. 



DebtFree Millionaire Coaching System

For over 2 decades, our books, audio and software programs have helped millions of people learn how to become completely debt free, create great credit, and get on the path to building real wealth.


The DebtFree Millionaire Coaching System is the accumulated wisdom, success, and proven processes of more than a quarter century of our work — and you can have instant access.


With the the coaching sessions in this exclusive system, you'll discover how quickly you can become debt — and payment free — and liberate yourself from the tens of thousands of dollars a year in interest payments you're making right now!



CashFlow Dashboard

The Cash-Flow™ Dashboard will guide you to achieve the financial success you know you deserve. It will do everything to help you automatically accomplish your goals except deposit money in your bank account and send your bill payments (that can be automated by your bank).


The Cash-Flow™ Dashboard is NOT a budgeting system. It’s a robust, personal cash flow management system that tracks your income, your bills, your payment due dates, and what’s left over after you’ve satisfied your monthly obligations. 


It then takes what’s left over and employs its proprietary technology to navigate you to true, debt-free, financial freedom. 



Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth Course

One of the wealthy's favorite systems, to take uncertainty out of their wealth-building is the Private Family Bank, and in this course, you will learn WHAT it is, HOW it works, and HOW it can change the course of your financial well as the lives of family generations following you.


The Banker's Secret book is 114 pages filled with detailed illustrations and explanations. It explains the WHAT and the HOW of a Private Family Bank.


The 5 videos focus on specific applications of your Private Family Bank, to meet your and your family's financial needs now and in the future.



Banker's Secret to Permanent Family Wealth e-book



  • If you had no credit card payments, no car payments, no student loan payments, no mortgage payment.
  • AND you could predictably build a sound and secure future without stock market risks — no guessing whether the stock market will go up or down today, or if it will crash right when you need to begin taking money out. 
  • Meanwhile, you could purchase cars, vacations, tuition, and other life expenditures with the same dollars you're using to build wealth! 

So how, exactly, can you do all this? The answers are in this book.



Great Credit For a Lifetime e-book

The term "credit" is - perhaps - the most misunderstood term in all of personal finance. Do you know exactly what it is, and how to make sure it's as good as it can be? 


In Great Credit for a LIFETIME, you'll discover exactly what you'll need to know so you can create a personal financial environment where great credit can just happen naturally 



DebtFree Life e-book

The MONTHLY interest on your debt payments is around 50%. That's right. Around HALF, often more, of your total monthly debt payment dollars are going to INTEREST. The problem is that regular middle class Americans rarely hear about this. Why not?


Frankly, because the banking industry, the most powerful on earth, wants you to go on thinking that - because your highest interest RATE is a 12% credit card, and your car is a "0%" loan (cough, gag, laugh), that you should be paying no more than 12% each month. But there's a HUGE difference between interest rate and interest volume (actual dollars).


In this easy-read book you'll learn: exactly how much better a DebtFree Life would be, why we're so obsessed with using credit, a completely new money strategy, how to operate 100% on CASH, how to pay off ALL your debts, step-by-step, so you'll know the exact month and year you can be completely debt-free, and how to find the monthly money (we call it your "Accelerator Margin") to rapidly pay off your debts.

About Your Instructors/Coaches

Anthony Manganiello and John Cummuta

John Cummuta

  • 3-time Inc 500 Business Founder and CEO

  • More than $600,000,000 in worldwide product/service sales

  • Best-selling personal finance and small business author

  • Worldwide seminar leader - including 13 Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery events

Anthony (Tony) Manganiello

  • 3-time Inc 500 Marketing Manager

  • Multi-million-dollar business builder/owner

  • Best-selling personal finance author

  • Online software developer