The Set-it-and-forget-it Financial Management System

Automate your journey to debt-free financial independence

The Cash Flow Dashboard

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  • Why: 

    You should use the Cash Flow Dashboard

    The Cash-Flow™ Dashboard will guide you to achieve the financial success you know you deserve. It will do everything to help you automatically accomplish your goals except deposit money in your bank account and send your bill payments (that can be automated by your bank).

  • What: 

    The Cash Flow Dashboard is...and is not

    The Cash-Flow™ Dashboard is NOT a budgeting system. It’s a robust, personal cash flow management system that tracks your income, your bills, your payment due dates, and what’s left over after you’ve satisfied your monthly obligations. 


    It then takes what’s left over and employs its proprietary technology to navigate you to true, debt-free, financial freedom. 

"Our goal was to get TRULY debt free within 4-5 years. So, first, we paid off the car. And by making lots of extra principal payments, we paid off our mortgage in just more than 3-1/2 years! 

"As of February, we are a DEBT-FREE family! As a reward for our diligent efforts, we flew to the Bahamas and stayed at the world-famous Atlantis Resort for a week. We even had special shirts made for the trip! 

"Thanks for helping us really OWN our home and learning to transform our debt into wealth!"


Jerry, Shelly, John and Ben Wright 

The Cash Flow Dashboard will...

  • Alert you when bills are due to be paid so you can avoid late payment and overdraft fees.

  • Determine when the best times of the month are to plan additional spending. 

  • Navigate you to your goals, even with circumstances change, and the unexpected happens.

  • Save you a TON of money on interest payments (the average household can save over $100,000 in interest!).

  • Create a great credit record...and corresponding score.

  • Keep you focused on becoming completely debt free, even if life's circumstances change… and they WILL change.

  • Transform you from being a wealth “generator” into becoming a wealth “accumulator!” 

Once you’ve set up your Cash-Flow Dashboard™, your head can peacefully hit the pillow every night, because you'll know your Dashboard is efficiently guiding your cash flow towards your financial goals while you sleep. 


Just set if and forget it.  


Then imagine becoming debt-free, creating great credit, saving thousands in interest payments, and accumulating wealth...all on cruise control. 


THAT… is what the Cash-Flow™ Dashboard can do for you. 

If you're serious, you can't pass this up.

Another way to say this is, if you do pass this up, you're not really serious about creating financial independence. 

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